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2020 is Time to #Uplift Each Other

Sharing is caring in 2020. That's why I've chosen #uplift as my #oneword for the new year.

In year's past, I've worked hard to select words that pertain to where I have been in my education journey and now as a publisher and instructional coach, raising other's voices is where it is at.

Early in my career, I was fortunate to have people with a platform acknowledge my talent and provide opportunities for me to share it. Now, that I'm in that position, it's my responsibility to do the same.

So much of our collective world view is about competing with those around us. In education, we simply can't do that. We must work together to bridge long divides and collaborate to build a better future.

The last decade has been one of real growth for me. I've seen my career take on its own life and lead me in a direction that I never thought possible.

From 2010-2019 I've completed several bucket-list-worthy things:

  • I started using the Twitter account I signed up for before 2010 - participating in Twitter chats and networking with world-class educators, leaders, and authors

  • I co-moderated #Sunchat with Jamie Armin and Barbara Madden

  • I wrote my first education book Teaching Mythology Exposed and started my first blog (accomplishing a major childhood goal). This book led me to both Dr. Michael Curran and Peter DeWitt, two important educational role models in my life.

  • I wrote my second book, Blogging for Educators with Corwin Press in the Connected Educator series.

  • I became the NY State Director of JEA after growing my own school's newspaper program

  • I started #Jerdchat with Lisa Snider

  • I took a traditional print publication and helped to move it online - teaching students and learning with students how to maintain a fast-growing website

  • I blogged for Education Week Teacher at Work in Progress

  • I wrote my third book, Teaching Students to Self Assess with ASCD

  • I wrote my fourth book, The Power of Questioning with Rowman and Littlefield. This marked the beginning of my relationship with my sister from another mother, Connie Hamilton.

  • I wrote my fifth and possibly most important work, Hacking Assessment with X10 Publications

  • I became Google certified

  • I devised a plan to give up grades in a traditional grades school and followed through

  • I gave a Tedx Talk and was asked to do a second

  • I wrote my sixth book, Hacking Homework with the amazing Connie Hamilton with x10 Publications

  • I worked as the social media manager for the ECET2 brand, elevating and celebrating teachers and teaching

  • I became an ASCD Emerging Leader

  • I wrote my seventh book, Peer Feedback in the Classroom with ASCD

  • I've spoken at dozens of conferences around the country and even a few around the world as both a workshop presenter and a keynote speaker

  • I contributed chapters on assessment to three different books

  • I was officially divorced and officially remarried

  • I'm raising a teenager

  • I left the classroom to become an instructional coach

  • I left NYC public schools to become a curriculum leader in a small suburban district

  • I went back to school to get my advanced leadership degree in Education

  • I wrote my eighth book, From Teacher to Leader with DBC Publishing

  • I left that district to become a consultant and publisher at a quickly growing company

  • I helped to publish Belonging Through a Culture of Dignity by Floyd Cobb and John Krownapple and The Peace Patrol Workbook by Eden Steele with Mimi and Todd Press

  • I co-moderate #edchat

  • I wrote a ninth book with Karen Terwilliger on Hacking Learning Centers with X10 publications set to come out April 2020

  • I've met incredible people who inspire me daily

  • I signed a contract to write my 10th book, Untitled about SEL and Assessment with ASCD set to come out at the end of 2020 or early 2021

The decade has done great things for me professionally and personally. I'm filled with so much gratitude, that I enter this new year ready for hard and meaningful work.

What are your greatest takeaways from the last year? Last decade? I'd love to know.

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