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0 comments: The new and improved Top Tracks List is here. New music search features; filters; RSS feed; and much more. Keep track of artists and songs you like, and always get the latest new music. If you like playing around with computers, this article is for you. It teaches you the basics of making a RAR archive in two easy steps. Archives don't really matter, because you can always make a new archive again. You just need to learn how to do that. RAR is a widely known file archiver for many platforms. It is also available for Windows (through the RAR file extension), Linux, and many operating systems in the form of portable programs. You can create an archive from only one file or directory. RAR is a strong, efficient and secure archiver. You have a choice between creating an archive without "password protection" and an archive with "password protection." Once created, the archive is completely portable, and it can be expanded. Let's start off by creating an archive containing one or more files. Step 1. Open the archive you wish to create. Step 2. Choose the "Add files or directories to archive" option. Step 3. Click "Next." Step 4. Choose a destination folder for the archive. Step 5. Select the files and/or directories you want to add to the archive. Step 6. Click "Create." You now have a new archive containing your selected file(s) and/or directory(s). To add more files and/or directories to the archive, follow the steps above. Before the next step, make sure you have found a folder on your hard disk you wish to save the new archive to. Otherwise, if the archive is created to a hard disk that does not yet contain a folder named with the desired path, the archive will be saved to your hard disk with a different path. So, try not to save your archives to places you do not already have folders. Next, we will learn about the benefits and uses of RAR archives. Advantages of RAR archives Portability: When created properly, RAR archives are not only portable, they are also easy to install. It is easy to install on another computer, and you can even install an RAR archive on any folder. Convenience: You a5204a7ec7

The Online File Backup Software platform developed by is a free application that can be used to backup and synchronize desktop PC and Mac. The application is both Windows and OS X compatible. All files and folders stored on the PC are backed up completely to an external, cloud-based storage site by synchronization. The following files and folders are backed up in the backup: The backup solution stores information regarding backed up files and folders in a MySQL database, so that users can log in to their account at any time, even from a second PC, and see the backed up items. Compatible with the following Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion Features: Note: the only difference in functionality between the online backup and file synchronization is synchronization. Online backup stores all files and folders and can be used to restore them on another PC. Backup files and folders automatically from the specified PC on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It is possible to set the backup interval to one second, minutes, hours or days. Backup files to a cloud-based server which serves as an external, cloud-based storage solution. You can view and manage backed up files and folders by a web browser. The synchronization feature allows to synchronize files and folders between two or more PCs. Apply online file backup settings on multiple PC's at once. Apart from the features and advantages listed above, we recommend the Online File Backup Software because of it’s: Very simple and easy to use. Fast and secure. Money-back guarantee, so you can download the software for 30 days and test it before deciding if the product is for you. You can preview files before backing them up. What's New: Version 1.2.0 New Features: 1. Added option to create a backup set of new files and new subfolders. 2. Verification of cloud storage service has been improved. 3. Improved database performance and updated license tracking system. 4. Added a method to retrieve an external storage server password via email. 5. Added a Web Interface to server manager. 6. Added an option to back up newly created/modified files and subfolders. 7. Added a method to download and

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