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Align Your Arrows For Better Student Outcomes

As a writer, I've had the opportunity to share my ideas with the world and now as a publisher, I help other amazing educators share their voices as well.

It's with great excitement that I share the latest project from Mimi & Todd Press - Arrows: A Systems-Based Approach to School Leadership by Carrie Rosebrock and Sarah Henry.

This book is an invitation for school leaders and district teams to align their arrows, simplify their vision, and ultimately empower their teachers to be true experts of learning. Although learning is the intended goal of our educational system, all too often, initiative fatigue clouds the focus and creates inequitable learning experiences for our students. In Arrows: A Systems-Based Approach to School Leadership, Henry and Rosebrock unpack their district's experience of creating and maintaining a culture dedicated to student and teacher learning. It's an educational good-to-great story resulting in higher achievement, together. Transformational leadership begins with willing individuals. Individuals who are ready to set aside their personal comfort for the needs and unity of the collective team. In education, now more than ever, we need individuals who are willing to lead in a time of transformation. But from where are we leaving and to where are we headed? Which direction should we take, as leaders of learning, in our classrooms, schools, and communities? How do we avoid change for change’s sake, and rather--shift the conversation altogether? How do we clarify the vision of learning? Simplify the impact of highly effective teaching in our classrooms? Create collaborative, empowered space for our teachers and students? Educational leaders and authors, Sarah Henry and Carrie Rosebrock explore these questions and offer experiential and research-driven answers in their book, Arrows: A Systems-Based Approach to School Leadership. Arrows is the personal story of a decade’s worth of growth and alignment within the Brownsburg Community School District in Brownsburg, Indiana. Unlike other educational leadership books, Arrows is the story of what happens when, not one school--but an entire district--simplifies its vision, clarifies its goals, and truly aligns its arrows. This is a story of leadership in action. Of a relentless desire to support and reach all students, from all backgrounds, from all experiences. An honest account of the impact of diligent collaboration and processes. It is a story of both systems and service; of both belonging and access. Arrows is a study in action--the story of what can happen when leadership alignment creates a sustainable system of support, clarity, love, and belonging.

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