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Author and Education Entrepreneur Selected as PDK Distinguished Educator



Noor Lodhi 


ARLINGTON, Va., May 1, 2024.— Starr Sackstein, Chief Operating Officer and partner of Mastery Portfolio, LLC, has been named a 2024 PDK Distinguished Educator for her transformative work in developing alternative assessments and non-traditional grading practices. Her innovative approaches have created more authentic learning environments, directly benefiting students. PDK’s Distinguished Educators are leaders who have significantly contributed to the teaching profession and shown commitment to the organization’s core values.

“The Distinguished Educators program is an honorific designation reserved to highlight our most prestigious members,” said Albert Chen, PDK International’s Chief Operating Officer. “We recognize Starr Sackstein for her achievements and contributions to our profession and her commitment to our core values of research, service, and leadership.”

PDK’s fellows are prestigious members who have made a difference in education and continue to do so in their everyday work. Sackstein joins the cohort with achievements such as publishing multiple books on alternate assessments and other innovative practices, such as blogging for educators and homework strategies for teachers.

PDK International will host Sackstein and seven other Fellows and education change agents at a professional learning and networking event in Washington, DC, from June 28 to July 1. Over the year, the Fellows have the opportunity to interact with like-minded colleagues and lead and learn through community-driven professional development. 

“Every conversation I’ve been lucky enough to have has resulted in more kids being able to show what they know in a variety of ways that support a more personalized approach to learning that honors the assets of each child,” says Sackstein about her work.

For more information about Sackstein and all of PDK’s 2024 Distinguished Educators, visit To learn about PDK’s Distinguished Educators Program, visit

About PDK International


Established in 1906, PDK International supports P-20 educators, researchers, and policymakers by strengthening their commitment to the profession throughout their careers. We are committed to elevating the profession through the intersection of research and practice. Through our core values of social justice, engagement, excellence, and results, we encourage educators and stakeholders to elevate the discourse and change the teaching and learning narrative to ensure every student has a high-quality, equitable education.

About Educators Rising 

In 2015, PDK International – in its 115-year commitment to the profession of education – launched Educators Rising, formerly the Future Educators Association (FEA). Today, Educators Rising is cultivating a new generation of highly skilled educators by guiding young people on a path from high school through college and into their teaching careers. By working with aspiring educators who reflect the demographics of their communities and who are passionate about serving those communities through public education, Educators Rising is changing the face of teaching.


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