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#EduCrush: Changing Ourselves, Our Assessment Practice & Our Careers (Podcast)

Jun 3

56 min 10 sec

Episode Description

Starr is considered a leading voice in innovative assessment and grading practices, but it didn’t start out that way. Once upon a time, she was a teacher in her classroom on the precipice of making a terrifying change. In this episode, Nat talks with Starr about how her growth journey triggered a shift in her practices and eventually a significant pivot in her career. Learn how Starr learned to let go of control and empower students so you can do the same.

Show Notes:

  • Doing personal, inner work sparks an openness to change and learning, as Starr did when she chose to transform her assessment and grading practices.

  • The biggest misconception about assessment is that kids cannot be assessors on their behalf; this makes it vulnerable to releasing control.

  • Cultivating respectful education by seeing people and moving together puts joy back into the job.

  • When being an innovative teacher puts a target on your back.

  • Leveraging our skills as teachers allows us to move beyond typical jobs in education to expand our impact.

  • Surrendering to the energy of the universe to enable our path to unfold and find our people.

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