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Hacking Assessment 2.0 is Coming Soon - Are you Ready to Dig Deep?

Can you believe that the first edition of Hacking Assessment came out over six years ago already?

I'm so humbled by the response to this book and the support in making the second edition so much better than the first.

In addition to more strategies and resources, I've taken many of the questions that have come my way over the last few years and made sure to answer in this edition.

Here are some other new features:

  • Leadership tips for supporting teachers who want to take this leap or if you want to move to this approach in your school

  • New Hacks in Action from teachers in the field who are doing this work from a variety of grade levels and contents.

  • An appendix with lots of resources you've asked for over the years shared by a variety of amazing educators

  • Some shifts in my own thinking that have evolved with the work I continue to do in this area.

The basic format is the same as all of the books in the Hack Learning Series - so it is super practical and easy to use alone or with a team.

This summer when the new book launches, Mastery Portfolio will sponsor a free Book Study on the new edition and I will be there to participate with those who attend. You can sign up to get information here if you'd like to participate.

If you've read the first edition, I promise there is something worth exploring in the new one. Donate your first edition to a friend and/or colleague and join the book group to discuss the second.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts so we can continue to move this important work forward.

What are you doing to empower students and shift away from the way we have always done things in the education system? I'd love to hear.


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