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Learning Personalized Part 2: Language Matters

Thank you, Allison Zmuda for sharing this time with me...

"In our second segment, we focused on the way our beliefs about learners impact our expectations, aspirations, and actions that buoy their movement toward success. Inspired by one of Starr’s quotes in the book, we talked about the messy road to learning where feedback is fundamental to growth.

“(It is) my belief and opinion, (that) teachers are there to support kids, to develop their voices, but not to tell them what's right and what's wrong,” she said. “I am reading your work as a reader, I could point out places I am lost or confused, and you could do with that what you will. But I always gave my students the authorial bottom line: you choose what you change.

“And as long as you could be articulate about why you did or didn't make the changes that you made, that is your choice, and I don't have to agree with it as a reader. There are plenty of very famous, well-written folks who I don't like as a reader. So it's okay if your writing style doesn't align with what I think it should be. Any teacher in any subject could think about their content in that way if we're truly trying to help cultivate authentic autonomous learners who understand themselves that way.”

What do you think?

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