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Learning Personalized Part 3: Reflection and Self-Assessment

Listen to part three of my conversation with Allison Zmuda of the Habits of Mind Institute.

"Our third interview segment clarified how regular reflection and self-evaluation impact students’ connection to learning and ownership of goals. The idea of a teacher privately jotting down notes for scoring purposes cuts students out of the feedback and evaluation process.

We want students to have a seat at the evaluation table as they have a unique vantage point on context, areas of strength, and need for further development.

“Popping a rubric out there when it's time to assess is not the best way to get the most out of (students),” she said. “It's almost like asking someone to show up at your house before maps and navigation systems were available and just give them an address versus that step-by-step way of getting there and maybe adding landmarks to make it more readily available for them to see their way successfully there on the first try,” she said.


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