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Reflections of Change in 2019

This year has been a whirlwind. After my short time in West Hempstead, my step away from leadership has offered up the opportunity for new leadership and coaching roles.

I'm so fortunate to have found a job that truly suits my talents with people I'm proud and excited to work with. Although leaving my last post was hard because I loved the folks I worked with, the position itself wasn't the best fit.

So, I courageously the comfort of my excellent district curriculum leadership and took the risk to consult full time doing the work I'm most passionate about and never expected to also find a role as a publisher.

Writing is another passion of mine and helping others to refine their voice and share their stories and wisdom has been a real honor. Working with Mimi & Todd Press as a part of the Core Collaborative team is a constant learning experience. I'm grateful for the patience and the opportunity to grow into the position.

In one of the leadership books I've read recently, I remember there being a portion about only being qualified for a percentage of a job so that you have room to keep growing. There is a lot of room in both the publishing position as well as my role as an instructional coach that works with schools.

This role, however, is the one I was made for. It is my favorite part of the leadership position I just left; working with passionate teachers to build a more aligned curriculum and discuss student learning to make targeted instructional choices. I really couldn't ask for more.

As I move into 2020, I look forward to the launch of two books that are in production now: Hacking Learning Centers with my friend and colleague Karen Terwilliger and Ungraded, a compilation for higher education on moving away from traditional grades. It looks like change in that area is really happening.

The end of a year is all about reflection and I'm eager to finish strong and continue on this new journey.

What were the highlights of your year and how will they transfer to next year? Please share

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