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#Simplify in the New Year #2021

In usual Starr-style, I've decided to announce my #oneword for the new year. As a person who is often fond of experiencing the complexities in life, this year I've chosen to take a page out of my husband's book and #simplify.

Too often, I make things harder than they have to be and it doesn't serve me or anyone else. So rather than over-complicate the already challenging things happening in the world right now, I choose to stay clear and focused on keeping things simple and uncrowding my life with the usual distractions.

This means being clear in my work life and my personal life and making clear boundaries so the two don't become entangled too often. It also means clearing the path so it is easier to focus on what lies ahead, making way for reflection and growth.

What is your word for #2021 and why did you choose it? Please share

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