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Tweeting to Transparency with Class Hashtags

I've been tweeting with some frequency for a while in and out of the classroom.

After I understood Twitter's power for me as a learner, it wasn't long before I introduced it in my classroom.

Students responded well to class chats, but I still didn't feel like I was using it to its fullest in the classroom capacity.

So it was time to start implementing something new, take it to the next level.

Enter the class hashtag.

My idea is that we will use a class hashtag to tweet parts of what happens in class, pictures of kids working, questions and resources as an opportunity for kids to continue to engage with classroom learning after the period ends and a way for parents to have a window into what their child is doing during the day.

But it's not a part of our culture yet, because it is just a crazy idea I had. Crazy ideas are often how my risk-taking behaviors begin. I think to myself, "Wow! This would be a great idea." Super enthusiastic, I dive right into putting into action worrying about the details later.

Determined to make our hashtag an integral part of our classroom environment, a true extension of learning from anywhere at any time, I need to make a plan.

The class hashtag has been posted in our classroom. I emailed the students about it and even started posting additional materials to support class discussion from the day.

The full picture includes me teaching students how to curate and having a daily or weekly class Storify to archive student learning as it happens. These archives can then be added to our class website as another future resource for current and future students, as well as parents who want to participate in the learning too.

This experiment is in the beginner phase, but I'm eager to hear what you think and/or what you've done in your spaces. Please share how you use these tools in your classroom or challenges that keep you from pursuing them.

As this adventure unfolds, I hope to share my successes and challenges to help even one person take the risk.

What risks have you taken recently? Please share

*This post orginally ran on my Education Week Teacher blog Work in Progress on 9/10/14

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