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Want to Hack Assessment? Join me on Fridays at 11am ET

Given the extra time that the current world situation has allotted me, I wanted to give back to the Facebook Group that has been doing the important work of throwing out grades.

Certainly, as we are in these unprecedented times, the traditional grading practices we may have undertaken before must be modified as a function of necessity in this situation.

What if, we never went back to grading as usual?

On March 27th at 11am, I did my first Q and A with the TTOG group and plan to continue doing them each week.

Here is a recording of it: (Please excuse the bloopers of my first recording live)

In order to make these Q and A experiences most useful to the folks watching, I created a Google Form to collect questions that teachers embarking on this work have.

Perhaps you have read Hacking Assessment, but still have questions or you are in the group and have started trying out suggestions that others have made, but something is still holding you back, just fill out this quick form.

I will do my best to answer everyone's questions.

Are you ready to give up grades?

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