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EdD or PhD? How Do You Know Which to Pick?

As a life-long learner, absolutely committed to continual growth as a person and educator, I've pondered another degree most recently at the completion of my Administration Program, but before that, for many years.

Many of my professors have trumpeted the benefits of both degrees and have tried to help me make decisions, but it has been one that has been weighing on me for some time.

Considering my longterm goals of systemic assessment reform, my ultimate goal is to achieve a degree that will help me pursue that end. So as I continue to go back and forth, I'd love to hear some feedback from folks who have either degree or both and the benefits as they see it.

Ideally, I'm hoping to find a program that is local and that I can potentially find an adjunct teaching position as that same institution. I'm eager to get any feedback, so thanks in advance.

As it stands right now, I believe the more practical degree for me is the EdD in leadership with a focus on policy, but I'm still open. What are your thoughts?

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