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Morning Meditation: Center Yourself Before the First Bell

The alarm sounds at 4:00am.

Although, I'm usually awake waiting for it a few minutes earlier.

The anticipation is palpable.

I don't get out of bed right away though. I wait for my second alarm that chimes at 4:15. In those 15 minutes, I read email, check social media, and start getting ready mentally for the best day ever.

Teaching is the kind of job you have to love to be good at. Being excited to learn as a teacher, helps the passion come through and I like to be prepared. So taking advantage of my peak performance time, which is the morning is essential to my success.

The morning is always a peaceful time. It's still dark out when I wake up and I can hear the distant hum of traffic and nature intermingling with each other. Possibilities are lingering like promises waiting to be made and hope for the returned excitement.

Refreshed after a night's sleep, I have my first cup of coffee and then I work out - usually an hour or so on the bike trainer and a quick shower so I'm ready for the day.

When I'm lucky, I can catch a #BFC530 before I leave the house. I love this 15-minute spark chat that inspires me before my day. It gets ideas moving.

When I used to drive to school, I had my routine: NPR (as a media teacher, I like to know what is going on to start a conversation with my students), coffee and breakfast, and then Twitter. All this before I was allowed into my school building where I began my last morning meditation.

Each day starts out being "the best" day yet. To ensure the success of the day, I like to get in the right headspace before the kids enter the room. This is still true in our current conditions where instead of driving to work, I head out to the dining room table to fire up the computer after I set my high school-aged son up for school for the day at home.

First I made sure all of the boards had the appropriate information on them and materials wee accounted for. I check email, Twitter, and read my quote of the day and word of the day.

Sometimes I like to play music to get myself into the right mood. Sometimes I chat with friends or confer with students.

For today, we have a reminder. Take those moments before the day begins to put yourself in the right headspace. Do what makes you happy.

Whether it is deep meditative breaths, music, reading, or writing... make sure to take take the time. It's easier to make the day successful if we start out with the right attitude.

What's your routine to start the day off right? Please share

*This post originally ran on my Education Week Teacher blog in September of 2015. It has been modified from its original form.

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